LANDESK Software

User-based Pricing
for Your New IT Reality

How many different devices do your users bring to work every day? And how much will that number grow by this time next year? With LANDESK, it doesn’t matter. Find out how LANDESK user-based pricing can help you:

  • Make your IT spend more predictable and dependable with consistent, reliable pricing and licensing based on the number of users rather than the number of devices they use.
  • Streamline how you purchase IT solutions with a single price for each user that covers every aspect of your LANDESK user management solution.
  • Simplify your operations by bringing your IT management, security and service technology—plus all of the licensing—together under a single user-based umbrella.

Learn more about how user-based pricing from LANDESK—together with User-Oriented IT solutions—can help you move to a more productive, flexible and relevant user-based approach to IT.

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